Masks: A Fashion Statement?

In an age of fear many are turning to a new form of self expression: masks.

Fashion is defined periodically by the circumstances of its era. Turbans were worn initially to keep men’s heads from burning while crossing the desert, women only really started wearing pants in the United States during WWII from factory work, and now we’re wearing personalized masks because of COVID-19.

Compared to years prior, masks are only now becoming truly prevalent across a span of cultures, and can be seen flashing cartoon characters, bright colored patterns, band names, etc. And they’re being sold all over the places: from Michael’s to TJ Maxx to Etsy. One could argue that they won’t be leaving American fashion sense any time soon.

Perhaps not because of the common fear that COVID-19 won’t be leaving us for a while, but because they’re now so stylized and popular they’ve become a thing of their own.

So in an age of fear keep an eye out for the positive and try to remember that masks don’t have to be a representation of what’s going on in the world, but rather a new and lasting form of self-expression. #maskup

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