Mason Rudolph VS. Myles Garrett

With only 8 seconds left in the week 11 game, Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett and Steelers Quarterback Mason Rudolph got into a scuffle that resulted in Garrett hitting Rudolph over the head with his own helmet. This event has the whole NFL community in shock and wondering what punishments and rules are to come. “I can’t believe that just happened!” Tweeted Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

As far as punishments go, nothing is for sure yet on game suspensions. Both teams were fined $250,000. Steeler’s Center Maurkice Pouncey has been suspended for three games. Browns Defensive Tackle Larry Ogunjobi was suspended and fined for pushing Rudolph to the ground. Myles Garrett is to be suspended for the rest of both the regular season and post season. NFL Senior Vice President Michael Signora said that there will be additional punishments for players who left the bench area to join the altercation.

The most recent news for the situation is that Myles Garrett is trying to appeal the punishments. His appeal is comparing to a similar situation where Texans player Antonio Smith swung a helmet at another player but did not make contact. Smith was suspended for two pre-season games and one regular season game. The appeal will likely be overlooked in the end due to the fact that Smith did not make contact and Garrett clearly did.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns are scheduled to play one another in just two weeks time. It will be interesting to see if the second 2019 season game proves to be as interesting as the first.

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