Meddle Album Review

The Meddle album, by Pink Floyd, Is the sixth studio album written by the group. Released on October, 31 1971 the tract was thrown together without any real direction besides just trying out experimental noises.

They eventually were inspired to make the albums signature tract “Echoes.” The album itself, Similar to most of the works by Pink Floyd, is very psychedelic in feel. Holding a total run time of 46 minutes and 48 seconds. Most of that run time is a single song “Echos” totaling in with a recording of 23 minutes and 32 seconds. Even with the songs extended run time the song itself is still worth listening to. Formed together in three parts with psychedelic noises in between.

The other songs in the album are much shorter only being 2-6 minutes long. But are still worth the listen. The song “San Tropez” creates a comfortable atmosphere worth listen. Overall the album is worth the listen, and everyone should give it a listen if they are fans of rock. You can listen to the album for yourself here.

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