Missing All The Fun Of Senior Year

When you first start high school, you start to look forward to all the amazing things you get to do as a senior. Graduation, senior nights, prom; basically the senior year that every kid dreams of. But sadly for the class of 2021, it didn’t turn out to be that amazing senior year. COVID-19 rearranged all the plans for this senior class.

It all started with the first day of school for these senior. Sadly it was online through Teams and Canvas. Fall sports eventually did get to happen with a mix of COVID exposures and guidelines that had to be followed. Luckily our marching band and some other sports got to put together events to celebrate our seniors and try to bring joy in the not so great time we’re currently in .

For most of our school year, it’s been a guessing game on whether the seniors will have a PROM. Some parents and seniors lost hope in us having one. Luckily the school was able to pull something together and we are grateful that seniors have prom to look forward to. Many seniors even look forward to seeing their school friends in a long time due to online school.

We get to have our class picture taken and have graduation, but sadly it won’t be like it was supposed to be. I think all of us seniors are grateful we still got to have some of our normal senior activities, but deep down it won’t be the same since we didn’t have our chance to make senior memories at football games, normal school days and all the fun dances we sadly missed out on.

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