Molecule Lab

In Mrs Kreibel’s second period chemistry class we are currently learning about covalent bonds, and whether or not these bonds are polar, nonpolar, or ionic. Ionic bonding is a type of chemical bonding that involves the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions and is a lot easier to tell what the ions are forming rather then the polar and nonpolar bonds.

Polar and Nonpolar bonds are the reason we are doing this lab. The lab involves VSEPR and Molecular Geometry. The shape of these molecules we are creating can make Linear, Bent, Triangular planar, Tetrahedral, and Triangular pyramidal. These Elements can be Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, Carbon, Nitrogen, any Halogens, Boron, and Aluminum.

We were given the formula’s to make the Lewis Dot Structure, Ball and Stick Model, Bond type, Molecule type, and Molecule shape. This lab is used to help us better understand the actually shapes they make and the reason the shapes are called what they are once they are formed. Now these molecules also have many different shapes like chain, ring or cyclic. With all this provided it was our job to make the molecules and decide there shapes and covalent bonds.

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