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West Virginia men’s basketball is having a much different season than the last. They are currently ranked second in the whole entire NCAA and in their division they are ranked number one in the Big 12. Their record is now 15-1 and the only loss was the first game of the season to Texas A&M. The last game was January ninth, two days ago and the final score was 57-54 with West Virginia coming out on top. The team has won every game after their first and the net game is this Saturday January 13 against Teas Tech, which will be both teams first appearance against each other this season. There’s still a long season ahead of them with fifteen games left to finish the season strong.

The team’s roster consists of thirteen players and the starting five are point guard Jevon Carter, shooting guard Dexter Miles, small forward Wesley Harris, power forward Sagaba Konate, and center Lamont West. The two guards are seniors and the rest of the starters are sophomores in college. Jevon Carter leads the team in minutes per game with 33.4, points per game averaging 15.3, free throw percentage of .843, assists per game averaging 6.8, and steals per game averaging 3.5.The team averages 83 points, 40 rebounds, 16 assists, 10 steals, 5 blocks, and 12 turnovers per game. These are impressive stats that are standing out for team and are helping them greatly with their wins.



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