Movie Review : “9”

Made on September 9th of 2009 the movie 9 was made by Shane Acker with the future song “Welcome Home.” 9 is a post-apocalyptic were humans no longer exist with the only sign of life are the dolls.

It starts off with a scientist working on a project and presenting it to someone else. The project fails and the scientist ask for another chance and he gets it. As the movie goes on you see him working on his project until he thinks he’s figured it out by give it a soul from himself. That was a mistake. You see the Dictator walk in and sees the scientist project and when soldier try to take him away the robot freaks out and starts attacking people and this action please the Dictator. A little into the movie you hear bombs falling, screams, and solider yelling and you hear a radio static and a news reporter saying the machines have gone mad.

But that’s just the beginning of the movie you’ll see as 9 and his friends try and stop the machines from destroying the rest of humanity.

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