Movie Review: “Atlantis”

June 3, 2001 Atlantis was made by Disney and aired June 9, 2001 and was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. It is a fantasy/ action movie based on the lost city of Atlantis. The main character is Milo Thatch a cartographer and linguist and he works at the Smithsonian. Milo is also related to the legendary Thaddeus Thatch a cartographer and archaeologist.

Set in 1914 in Washington D.C at the Smithsonian Institution where Milo Thatch is practicing his presentation to his employers where he will present to them were the Shepard’s journal is located. But as his time to present his presentation his employer try to back out of the meeting so Milo chases after them and manages to get Mr. Fenton Harcourt were he tells Milo that it’s just a waste of time and that Atlantis was a career killer. So Milo goes home upset when there’s someone in his house waiting for him. Her name is Helga Sinclair who’s there on the behalf of her boss who has an offer for Milo. So Helga takes Milo to her boss Preston Whitmore. Mr. Whitmore tells Milo he was good friends with his grandfather and that his grandfather found the journal in Iceland instead of Ireland. With this information Milo agrees instantly ready to participate. After this we see Milo on a boat were he meets the people he will be working with. Cookie the elderly cook, then Vinny the demolition expert, With Lyle as the commander, Wilhelmina a radio operator, French geologist Mole, chief doctor Sweets and lastly Audrey Ramirez head engineer. There aboard the Ulysses a huge submariner as there going the get suddenly attacked by the Leviathan weer it destroys the Ulysses but Milo and the others escape in smaller subs and they find the entrance to the tunnel system that leads to the city. When going through the tunnels they see beautiful and very detailed carvings on the wall and pillars. When the do find the city the people are hesitate to let them in but when told the came in peace they were okay with them except for the king who didn’t like them being there.

The rest is for you to find out as you watch this great movie and all the other Disney movies out there. There is a part two to this movie call “Milo’s return” you can buy it or watch it on Disney +.

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