Movie Review: Ford vs. Ferrari

This is an extremely engaging film that catches the interest of all viewers, whether you are a car person or not. The movie shows the experiences of the American Car Designer Carroll Shelby and the Fearless British race car driver Ken Miles. To say that Ford vs. Ferrari is an action packed film is an extreme understatement. The film is filled with high speed racing, emotional arguing, and a few disasters that will more than likely put a little tear in your eye. This film gives you that illusion that you are right there with the characters going through the same struggles and victories that they are.

Although Ford vs. Ferrari seems to be direct to the crowd of people who have a love for cars, anyone would enjoy it. The movie has many genres within it. There is lots of action, comedy, and even some romance. But if you are into racing and the automotive industry it is even more highly recommended. From the Ford GT40 to the Ferrari 365 P2 there are several well know vehicles from history featured in the movie. So if you get the chance, seeing Ford vs. Ferrari is very highly recommended.

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