Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is set in 1939, world war 2 and the main character is Desmond Doss. Desmond had a odd home life, his father was a drunk and he favored his brother more than Desmond. When both of there high school career ended Desmond’s brother got a full ride to a collage for football. So which brought Desmond to enlist as a medic in the army. When Desmond told his father that he enlisted his father freaked and told him don’t put your neck on the line. The only reason why he didn’t want Desmond to go, is because he was in the great war and lost all his friends in the war and doesn’t want to lose his son too. But Desmond went anyways to become a medic for the army.

The first day Desmond got to boot camp would be his best, They went to go firer rifles and the drill sergeant saw that a rifle was still on the rack, and he saw Desmond without a gun, and then he said to the drill sergeant” i can’t pick up a gun”. As the days went on Desmond was beat by his bunk mates and made fun off by the drill sergeant. But when it came time to get put into the war the captain told Desmond he couldn’t fight in the war due to he didn’t pass the rifle part. Which would put Desmond into a court case to see if he could go into the war. Then Desmond’s father went to the General and asked for his son to run into war without a gun.

Desmond’s father shows up to his court case and gives the pardon to the captain, then gives Desmond the right away to run into war without a weapon to protect himself. The only reason why Desmond doesn’t use a rifle is because his father was hitting his mother and Desmond grab a gun and pointed at his father. From that point on Desmond swore to never pick up a gun again. But the after math of the war, Desmond saved 75 people and some of them where Japanese. Desmond become cripple after kicking a grenade to save his unit. Desmond Doss died on march 23,2006 he was a true hero in everyone’s eyes.

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