Movie Review : True Grit

True grit is set in the Midwestern era. It starts of as a normal day when a young girls day becomes her worst nightmare. Her father was killed by bandits and outlaws, so she goes to the nearest town to recruit anyone who was willing to help her avenge her father. But no one was willing to help, so she went to the sheriffs office who was a straight up drunk and she convinced him to go along with her to kill her fathers murders.

The Drunk Sheriff is played by Jeff Bridges and the young girls Hattie Steinfeld. Its is one of the best western movie. And tried to bring back the old version of the original True Grit, Jeff Bridges said it was an honor to play in the movie. The director picked Bridges because he was a perfect fit for this movies role. True Grit was released on December 22 , in 2010. I didn’t make a lot of hits but some may say it was one of the better western movies.

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