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We may not think of it as such, but Pittsburgh is a hub of activity. People from all over come to the Pittsburgh area to do a multitude of things, the most recent popular activity in Pittsburgh though is: movie filming. Many movies have been filmed in Pittsburgh, the one most think of is “The Dark Night Rises”, the most recent Batman film. But there are also three productions being filmed in Pittsburgh right now: the movie “Last Flag Flying”, and the TV series “Mind Hunter” and “Outsiders”. Famous actors such as Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne, Bryan Cranston, and Jonathan Groff are all walking the streets of Pittsburgh without our knowing.

So why Pittsburgh? Well Pittsburgh has the best mix of old and new. In very close proximity Pittsburgh has old buildings original to the founding of the city and brand new state of the art buildings- the perfect mix of opportunities for filming. Pittsburgh prides itself on the fact that the street plan is still original to the city also, another perk is a mix of small and large roads directly flowing into each other. Not only does Pittsburgh have an amazing combination of roads and buildings, it also has rivers. Rivers allow for Pittsburgh to be portrayed as an ocean side town, or as in “Dark Night Rises”, as an island. Pittsburgh has a mix of movie elements we live every day without thought.

We all know the football scene in the Batman movie which was filled with Pittsburgh extras, but what other options are there for extras? Due to so many productions being filmed in Pittsburgh, there are an immense number of opportunities to be feet away from famous actors. Not only are these opportunities on set, but around town. Just recently there was a photo of Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston at a Penguins game. Actors need thing to amuse themselves when they are not filming also, so maybe you will find yourself near them. In fact, this past weekend Bryan Cranston was up in our very own mountains, touring Frank Lloyd Wright homes Falling Water, and Kentuck Knob. So keep your eyes open, you never know who you might see!

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