Mrs. Gartley’s Trail Ride from D.C. to PA

Mrs. Gartley and her husband checked an item off of their “Bucket List” this summer.  They loaded their bikes onto an Amtrack train and rode to Washington D.C.  They spent a few days visiting some of the moving memorials and museums the city has to offer.  Then they started their trek back home, this time the return trip was via bicycle. The trail from Washington DC to Cumberland, MD is called C&O Canal Towpath and from Cumberland to Pittsburgh, PA it is the Great Allegheny Passage or GAP for short.  We sat down with her to get some details on this amazing adventure.

When asked what made you decide to bike from D.C to PA she said, “It has always been a dream for us, ever since they completed the trail. The idea of just riding and enjoying the experience without having to get home to your responsibilities is so fun.” We were curious how long it took to return home and she responded, “It took six day and during them you meet so many wonderful people and there are so many lovely sights to see.”  The couple stayed in a bed and breakfast one night and camped along the trail the rest of the we camped.”

Since the weather was very wet and rainy at the end of the summer, we were curious about the weather and if it affected her biking. “Yes, the heat on some days was really bad and we had to take lots of breaks.  We didn’t get rained on, but the trail was washed out in some places. Sometimes it was really hard, especially because I had a bad cold for two days. I just took it one mile at a time.  I would see something beautiful and made it all worth it.”










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