Mrs. Jeffries English Class Debates

Just a few weeks ago students in Mrs. Jeffries english classes had debates upon subjects that they chose that could be argued upon. One side, which was the one who supported their topic, had to select facts about their point and persuade the class to support it as well. The opposing side had to do the same thing, though they had to persuade everyone to be against it instead. No winner was chosen until afterwards, in which the entire class voted upon the quality of both sides’ arguments and debating skill.

Some common topics for debating were upon abortion laws, violent video games affecting children, and the minimum wage being raised. Occasionally, one of the sides would play a video relating to their side of the argument. This seemed to sway the class to their favor, but the opposing side could still win the minds of the teenagers observing from their desks.

Once both sides were done placing their arguments and sparring with words, occasionally the teachers would speak up before they sat down and question them further. This was rare, though it did get some goon information out, it didn’t happen often. The weight of success was put on the students’ shoulders.

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