Music Helps

We posted a poll on social media and asked students if music helps them, and for them to explain how music helps them individually. Everyone that voted on that poll said that music does help. The most common response we got was that music helps many of them relieve stress. Below this are some of the responses.

Student 1 said: “Music helps me in a couple of ways. The main and probably most common way is that it helps me relieve stress. Sometimes it’s the tone or mood of the music and others it’s the lyrics itself. Most of the time it depends on what kind of stress that’s bothering me, whether it’s anger or depression etc. The second way is that it’s a great motivator. I have an entire playlist that’s all upbeat music and it really gets me up and going to do almost anything I have to do.”

Student 2 said: “Literally everything about music helps. From hearing a song I connect with to creating songs that other people connect with, it gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment that nothing else can match.” – JT Fritz

Student 3 said: “Music keeps me calm especially when I’m studying or doing homework. When I get too stressed about the work I focus back on the music to calm myself. It’s also a great way for expressing emotions and showing how you feel.”

Student 4 said: “Music helps because it lets you be distracted and forget your problems. It can change your emotions and cause a huge effect and the way that the songs are written, what is used in the background, how instruments sounds, and the way someone sings the lyric can be really impactful. It helps relieves stress and makes me happy.”

Student 5 said: “It takes my mind off the world, it almost releases my anger or my anxiety,”

From just these five responses you see that music helps everyone in their own ways, but it seems that it helps many people relax and overcome rough moments in their lives.

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