Musical Mood

Music has been scientifically proven to be able to affect humans’ mood and thought processes for the better and the worse. What music can help them, however, changes depending upon the human.

The most common positively assisting kinds of music are; classical violin, piano, orchestral, music with deep bass, and bells. Bass looks to be the best one to use, as the deep tones of such a thing can help get rid of headaches and muscle cramp problems. This can help you on tests where you’re allowed to listen to music, in the hallway, and at home when you’re working on homework.

It’s very good to experiment with what kind of music or tones can actually help your mindset. Certain types of them can actually hinder your mind, though which ones will do such a thing are like positive music, it changes by the human who is listening to it and how their mind is working at the moment.

For an example, suppose a girl is studying for a test and she needs to be completely focused for it. The best music to listen to would be deep, long drums or classical piano. Repeating dubstep could also work. It would not be good to listen to music with a lot or words or rap.

Remember to try this when you have a chance, it could be the difference between remembering a question and forgetting it.

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