NBA Dunk Contest

This year the NBA Dunk Contest was filled with many dunks worthy of being remembered for years to come. This years winner was Zach LaVine who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. LaVine had 2 amazing dunks that started from the free throw line, which is a tough task to complete. Only few can do it. Many people think that this years runner up, Aaron Gordon was robber from the title. He preformed a special dunk never before seen, where he jumped over a team mascot, put the ball under his legs and still mangaged to dunk it. Many people think that this was the best dunk in NBA Dunk Contest history! I agree!

Zach LaVine also won last years contest, which makes him the first back to back winner since Nate Robinson won it back in 2009-2010. After he was declared winner, LaVine said, “We (Himself and Aaron) should share the trophy, because he did some things I’ve never seen before.”

This years contest was for sure a nail biter, it could have easily gone either way. Gordon and LaVine definitely impressed the crowd and the thousands watching from home. The contest had a total of 7 million television hits. The internet also erupted with videos, memes, and gifs of Gordon’s dunk. The NBA released a statement saying that social media has around 115 million videos revolving around this years contest. Those are record breaking numbers compared to recent years. There was also 50,000 tweets per minute while the contest was going on. That equals out to millions of tweets during the contest. This years contest was something to remember!

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