NCECA Fieldtrip

On March 15th students took a trip down to the David Lawrence Convention Center with Mrs. Gartley and Mrs. Whitcomb to explore the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts 52nd Annual Conference. The conference included ceramics from many artists, lectures on techniques and ideas,and a ceramic fair including arts colleges, businesses and more.

Students were allowed to go throughout the convention center and explore the exhibits and lectures that interested them.  There was a wide variety of things to explore, including a large expo room with a hundred of booths to explore. This was a window into the real world of ceramic artists and the reality of what they do.

There was an exhibit from K-12 artists, who showcased amazing work. That exhibit gave our students inspiration for ideas and ways to continue their ceramic arts. Seeing art from peers gave our students the confidence that this level of ability is possible for people our age; and that they can easily attain that ability with some work.

Pictured below are some of the great artwork the students got to see and some of the fun times they had!

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