Need Help Paying For Prom?

Prom is the most expensive dance to attend at Uniontown Area High School. There are several events during senior year that require a fee to attend. Some of these include prom, post prom, and the senior trip. These expenses add up, however there are ways to assist students with costs. With a little effort, students can even gain tickets for free.

Many different fundraisers are held annually. One example is currently underway which is the Fall mum fundraiser. Each mum is $8 each and for every sale, $1.50 is added to each students account. This adds up very quickly , and if you sell several years in a row you can have your senior events paid for. Plus you can also do this to help pay for your date.

Every year our mum fundraiser is a big hit and is a great deal for beautiful flowers. This is the first senior fundraiser for this year but there are more to come. Stay tuned for announcements about future fundraising opportunities.

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