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The Uniontown High School has recently installed new security equipment. It consists of two new x-ray machines to check book bags and another metal detector to speed up the process of checking every student. There are a couple of new procedures with these new machines.

Here are the new procedures:

  • All students are to enter the building through the cafeteria doors, this new procedure applies throughout the day also.
  • Students should arrive early or on time. They can begin entering through the cafeteria doors at 7:40  am.
  • Students will walk through the metal detectors, and they will be asked to put their bags through the new x-ray machines.
  • In order for this process to go smoothly, students are asked to put phones, earbuds, jewelry, and keys in their book bag.
  • Students who bring drinks will be asked to take them out of their bag, and take it through the metal detector with them, so no spills occur in the x-ray machine and cause damage.

Thank you to our security personnel for their efforts to ensure that safety is a top priority. Also thank you to the students for your cooperation. Remember school safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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