New Life at UHS

Mrs. Gartley and her second period art class are very excited to bring new life into the Uniontown Area High School. Recently, the Art Department has received a “Snow Goose White Flowering Cherry Tree” donated by Fallingwater, located in Mill Run, PA. Sha’Maurie Mosley, Cameron Kutek, Nik Gibson, and Trent Uphold dug a three foot deep hole for the tree to be planted in. Ann Talarak Horticulturist at Western Pennsylvania conservancy and Caleb Moore Maintenance man at Fallingwater, took a day off from their jobs to come and plant the eight foot tall tree into our courtyard. The art department is very grateful for the wonderful gift given by Fallingwater and also super excited to share it with the rest of you.

All you tree-lovers at Uniontown Area High School are now able to enjoy the beautiful work of nature available in our very own courtyard!

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