NFL Fines Las Vegas Raiders

This past week the NFL fined the Las Vegas Raiders for violating Covid-19 protocols and restrictions.

The NFL had fined the Las Vegas Raiders for $500,000 as well as fining the Raiders coach, Jon Gruden, for $150,000 . Money wasn’t the only valuable asset they lost from this fine, they also lost their sixth round draft pick in 2021.

The Raiders had been informed many times about the amount of people coming in and out of facilities, but had failed to obey these restrictions. Not only have they failed to keep the right amount of faculty, but also failed to keep the legal amount of fans and capacity in their stadiums during games and practices.

The Raiders are not stranger to the authority of the NFL. The Raiders are known for racking up multiple fines a year since the beginning of the Jon Gruden era. It seems like Jon Gruden just knows how to cause trouble. This is the second time the team has been fined this year alone. To be fair a lot of teams have dealt with the same this year because of new Covid-19 regulations.

This expected fine for the Raiders will greatly affect their team and organization. The loss of money can raise the prices of accessories or concession at home games and can lead to little attendance and bad business. You can’t forget about that draft pick either, it will cost the team new players and a proper system to build the future of their team around.

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