NFL Opening Night

Last nights NFL games consisted of some very action packed, high intensity games that really blew season opener expectations out of the water. From the powerhouse of a team, the Cleveland Browns losing, to the Steelers sad loss to the Brady lead Patriots, and of course the Ravens record breaking game against the Dolphins. These Sunday night games leave fans just waiting to see what the season has in store for all NFL fans.

The first game that shocked a lot of people around the football world was the Browns vs Titans match up. Here we saw star studded Cleveland lose by 24 points to an inferior titans squad. This puts tremendous pressure on the Browns to pick up the slack and win. With such a young team, you can only imagining them getting better.

To round off the other games and to speak on them, we saw a highly anticipated match up between the Patriots and Steelers. In this game we saw Pittsburgh lose by a 30 point margin. Ravens had a historical night to remember winning 59-10 to the dolphins. These were all the key games from opening night and they’re sure to impress any NFL fan.

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