Not Your Average Joe

Not everyone has a person like Joe Everhart in their life.  Joe is kind, selfless, a leader, and an amazing role model for anybody who has met him, and that is only part of why he was inducted into the Uniontown  Hall of Fame.  He was also a marvelous athlete who participated in Track and Field and Cross Country.  He is now coaching the Uniontown Cross Country team and treats all of his runners with respect and kindness.

Joe is such a unique person and coach.  Usually coaches are tough and kind of mean at times and they try to motivate you that way.  Joe motivates his runners by encouraging them, being very nice to them, and by treating them with the same respect that he treats everyone else.  His style of coaching isn’t just unique, but is also very effective in training his runners to do their best at the meets.  He loves all of his runners and that’s what makes him such a fabulous person and coach.

Joe wasn’t the only coach in his family though.  His father, Abe Everhart, coached Basketball at Uniontown Area High School.  Abe coached for 29 years and retired with a career record of 549-149, with four WPIAL championships and two PIAA titles.  Joe and Abe Everhart have collectively coached for 100 years.  This is truly a legendary status that Joe and Abe have attained.

Joe has accomplished many great things here at Uniontown and we’re going to remember him for everything he has done for the school.




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