PA 2020 Deer Season

Whitetail deer are a native species to Pennsylvania and have been around for many centuries. Pennsylvania has the most hunters compared to any other states in the United states around 740,000 people go out every and enjoy what is the one of the national pastimes of America hunting.

In Pennsylvania you are required to wear 250 cubic inches of blaze orange to protect yourself and other hunters that could possibly be close by. however, In archery season no blaze orange is required because game has to between 5-40 yards for you to get an opportunity. There was 26 hunting related injuries last year 4 of which were fatal. wearing bright orange may not be the ideal thing to wear while out in the woods but its what you need to wear this season to keep you and fellow hunters safe.

The whitetail deer rut comes in late October through even December sometimes. bucks have the uncontrollable urge to breed does to pass on there genes to the next generation. it is usually the larger more mature older bucks that get to pass on there genes because of competition with other bucks. this makes the rut the primmest time to hunt because these animals respond more to calls and scents to have a better chance at finding does and passing on there genes. this causes more deer to be up and on there feet causing you to see more deer.

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