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The Partner Up Program is returning to UHS for its 2nd year. 
 This Program helps Senior obtain skills needed to enter the job market post-graduation and to gain meaningful employment.  
This program is open to 12th graders only, and it is aimed at those that plan on going directly into a full-time job after graduation.  The program will help students to build a resume, gain interviewing skills, and at the end of the program students are guaranteed an interview with at least one of the program partners: PNC Bank, Nemacolin, 84 Lumber, and WVU Medicine.  
Applications are due 12/21.  Sign up online.All students that plan on going directly to full-time employment after graduation should join this program!  Students can also email their guidance counselor with any questions.

Partnerup empowers high school graduates to enter, and thrive in, a job market that’s in need of their skills. When employers partner with teachers and parents to provide committed guidance, real-world opportunities and ongoing assistance, graduates will take the first step on a road that leads to a proud, flourishing and secure future — for themselves and the place they call home.
What: Employer led career readiness program delivered during the school day with the opportunity to apply and interview at major employers in the Fayette County area to launch career after high school graduation.
Who: Run by Nemacolin and PNC Financial Services and partnering with top employers in the region. Past partners have included WVU Medicine, 84 Lumber, Ford Business Machines.
When: Monthly 2 Hour-Virtual Sessions with employers will be coordinated with your school liaison
• Opportunity to explore career opportunities by engaging with employers
• Networking with HR and business leaders from top companies in the area
• Focus on developing power skills (aka the soft skills ALL employers need)
• Opportunity to create a personal brand and start to set yourself apart as a young professional
• Develop interviewing skills and create a professional resume
• Opportunity to begin your career at a great company who focuses on your continued growth and development
• Guaranteed interviews and potential job offers before graduation! You can apply to any and all of the positions that fit your interests
Additional Details:
• Positions available cover a wide range of industries and interests (Bank Teller, Reservation Agent, Management Trainee and many more)
• While positions are entry level there is room for growth and each company has a focus on retaining and developing early career talent
• Starting salaries vary by employer and position but range from $12-$24/hr. Most start at $15 and above
• Most positions are full-time but some can be as flexible as only weekends if your immediate plans include school
• All employers offer benefits which can include retirement, medical, tuition reimbursement and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the PartnerUp program?
    The PartnerUp program is a career-readiness program led by PNC & Nemacolin and a coalition of regional employers. The program prepares young talent for full time careers directly after high school graduation. The program consists of 5 two-hour workshops delivered during the school day with the goal of interviewing and
    extending job offers to students before high school graduation.
  2. Why should I sign up for the PartnerUp program?
    Deciding what to do after high school is a complex decision. If you are unsure of what you want to do after
    graduation, worried about the cost of college, wanting to work while you figure out your next steps, or already focused on launching your career immediately after graduation, this is the program for you. The skills you will learn during the program will help no matter what you decide to do or where you end up after graduation. PartnerUp is an opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally as you network with employees at
    major companies in the area.
  3. Do I have to attend all the sessions?
    While we understand that life happens, the expectation is that you commit to all sessions. The program should be a considered a yearlong interview. As you develop your skills in each session, employers will get to know you and your potential. If you miss more than two sessions, you will not be guaranteed an interview and will miss valuable one-to-one time with employers.
  4. What will we do in the sessions?
    Each session focuses on a specific career development topic and is a mix of presentations, activities (group and individual), and networking time. You will complete an assessment of your strengths, work to develop your resume, start a budget, conduct a social media audit, create your personal brand, practice interview skills with employers and much more!
  5. Is there an application for the program?
    Yes. As the program expands it has become more competitive. Remember this is a fast track to guaranteed interviews for full-time careers with benefits and great starting salaries. Your school liaison will share application details with you.
  6. What if I want to go to college?
    Great! The employer partners certainly support further education, almost all offer some form of tuition assistance. Some of the positions offered are only full-time or may have a full-time training period before part-time work is an option so in some cases enrolling in college may need to be delayed.
  7. What types of jobs are available?
    PartnerUp aims to bring together a wide range of employers in many industries as we know individuals have different interests and skills. Please see the program flyer for specific roles offered this year.
  8. What employers are participating?
    Currently we have confirmed PNC Financial Services, WVU Medicine, 84 Lumber and Nemacolin as participating employers. Other employers and positions may become available ahead of the application period and interview day(s).
  9. What are the requirements to join the program?
    This portion of the program is for seniors at our partner schools. There is no GPA requirement but you must be on the on the path to graduation, motivated and engaged to participate. You must commit to attend all the sessions, be on time and be professional.
  10. Are there any requirements to get the jobs?
    Nearly all the jobs require that you are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma before starting your position (many will allow you to apply, interview, and accept the offer ahead of your 18th birthday but you cannot start until you turn 18). Nearly all jobs will also require that you pass a drug screen and background check as a condition of employment. Some employers also do random drug screens during employment. A few positions
    require a driver’s license.
  11. Am I guaranteed a job?
    You are guaranteed interviews with any and all of the employers for which you complete their application processes but we cannot guarantee jobs.
  12. What if I start the program and then change my plans? Do I have to continue?
    The information learned and skills developed in the program will be valuable to you regardless of where you head after graduation. If your plans change, have a conversation with the teacher/counselor at your school responsible for the program for guidance.
  13. What benefits are available with the companies?
    Benefits will vary by company but can include: a livable wage (i.e. more than minimum wage), medical benefits, tuition assistance, retirement, paid time off, career advancement opportunities and more!


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