Patriots vs Jaguars

Last night the New England Patriots had won the AFC championship against the Jacksonville Jaguars to advance to the super bowl. Their season record is 15-3 making them first in their division. The final score was 20-24, the Patriots had scored 3 in the first quarter, seven in the second, and fourteen in the fourth quarter. Jacksonville had scored fourteen in the second quarter, three in the third, and three in the fourth. The game was held at Gillette Stadium in New England. Brady shook off a hand injury and threw a 4-yard touchdown pass with 2:48 remaining , rallying the Patriots to a 24-20 comeback victory. Brady had thrown 290 yards and two touchdowns, for the season Tom Brady has 4,577 yards and 32 touchdowns. Late in the first quarter of the game star tight end Rob Gronkowski was injured with a concussion. With the Patriots coming out on they will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the super bowl Sunday February fourth  at 6:30 pm est.

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