Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

On May 19th, 20th, and 21st, Penn State University held the annual states competition of Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. There were three competitors from Uniontown and three technicians as well that went to the competition. The competitors were Jayden Thomas, Andrew Shoner, and Andrew Maher. The technicians were Josephine Maher, Nolan Ranker, and Kaitlyn Adams.

Everyone left on Sunday and arrived at State college that night. On Monday the competitors presented their projects in the morning and received awards in the afternoon. Andrew Maher’s project was on if lip prints were a viable source of identification. Jayden’s project was on converting glucose to sucrose and finding the glucose concentration within food samples. Andrew Shoner’s was called Electrifyingly Fast, Physics.

For the rewards Jayden was rewarded second place. Andrew Maher was awarded a 1st place award. Andrew Shoner was awarded sedond. Congratulations to all competitors and good luck next year. Jayden is graduating this year and did an amazing job in all his years he participated.

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