Pirates Season Slump

After the Pittsburgh Pirates started off so hot, they are now starting to slow their roll. They started off their season with sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals, but have now been passed up in the Divisional Standings by the Chicago Cubs. Not that it’s a horrible thing since the Cubs are the best team in the National League, but the Pirates are ranked fifth and in a three way tie for the last playoff position. The season is still very young, but the Pirates still have a lot of work and things to fix if they want to make this season anything more than a one round playoff season.

The Pirates are very good offensively this year. Not to mention how they just got Jung Ho Kong back this past week. Kong hit two home run his first game back to help the pirates beat the Cardinals. The whole team has been very good this year at getting plenty of hits. Surprisingly though, McCutchen has been the one player who hasn’t been at his best. He is still very good, but his personal batting average is down and he just hasn’t been as good as past years. I feel that he is just in a hitting Slump which is the same word that I would use to describe where the Pirates pitching is also. Gerrit Cole has been no where near where his normal pitching standards are. He is the Pirates Ace, but doesn’t seem to be at his best. He got a win on Sunday, but that was after the Buc’s scored 10 runs against the Card’s. The Pirates pitching as a whole has been down lately and is the only reason they aren’t first place in all of baseball.

Last year, the Pittsburgh Pirates were lead by their great pitching, but after losing some stars,  the Pirates offense has tried to step up to the pressure, but the bad pitching has made it hard for them to win. If the Pirates can pull their pitching together and constantly pitch like last year, this team will be at least one of the best teams in the major’s, if not the best. The Pirates still have a lot of talent, but it seems that the team as a whole is just in a slump, not to mention the surprise of the Chicago Cubs being the new best team in the league. It’s not quite time to worry yet, since the season is till very young, but I’m looking for the Pirates to do something pitching wise.

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