Pittsburgh Pirates Injured List

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been hit with injuries through out this season. They first lost Gold Glover Corey Dickerson, and then it progressed to losing right handed pitcher, Chris Archer. That would only be the start to the teams troubles. The Pirates would end up losing their best best pitcher, Jameson Taillon.

The Pirates have lost the good part of their rotation for the start. They lost the two best pitchers in their bullpen. Edgar Santana and Keone Kela, they will be out for the most of the season. And they lost their shortstop prospect, Erik Gonzalez to a broken collarbone. Catcher Jacob Stalling is out with a broken foot, and won’t come back until May 9th. “It feels like the ship is sinking” says Pirates outfielder, J.B. Shuck.

If the Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t loose half of their team, they would have a better shot at a playoff push. They lost their best corner outfielder, and two of their best pitchers in the starting rotation. And to top it all off, they lost there two youngest pitcher in the bullpen to arm injures.

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