This past Saturday, February 10th, was the Region 8 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition. Seven of our students competed in the competition: Andrew Maher, Kaitlyn Adams, Jospehine Maher, Nolan Ranker, Karleigh Risha, Jaden Thomas, and Megan Kaplan.

PJAS competitors can enter a project in all different categories of science (behavioral, chemistry, biology, and more). Each student works on a project before competition day, puts together a PowerPoint presentation, and are then judged on a rubric about their presentation ability, content, and specific aspects for each category. Participants are judged simply against the rubric – not each other, making it a nice friendly competition. Students can receive a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Those who receive a 1st place are able to move on to the state competition.

Four of our students from Uniontown high school received a first place and are headed to states – Kaitlyn Adams, Josephine Maher, Jayden Thomas, and Megan Kaplan. Kaplan was the only Uniontown student to receive a perfect score.

PJAS is a great competition for students who excel in and love science, and students who feel they do not belong anywhere near the scientific method. With so many categories, students are bound to find a project that interests them. It is also a great competition to measure personal growth, because you are judged against one person: yourself.  PJAS also offers a number of camp opportunities and financial scholarships for Junior students planning to attend Penn State Main. See Mrs. Gadd if you are interested in PJAS and these scholarships for the future.

Congratulations to all participants, and good luck to all the students competing at the State Competition in May!

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