Places to eat in Uniontown

There are a ton of places to eat in town, from fancy Italian restaurants to fast food restaurants. It all depends on your taste and preference for where you go. But here are some places to fill you hunger cravings.

If you are feeling some Italian food then you have several options. One option is Caporellas. Caporellas is known for tasty Italian food and wood fired brick oven pizzas. Another Italian option locally is Meloni’s. Meloni’s is known for handmade pasta, along with seafood and steak. Wrapping up the Italian category is Olive Garden. You probably know what Olive Garden is, so no description needed, just do yourself a favor and eat some breadsticks…..

Some other great options are the two Mexican restaurants or any of the several Chinese food restaurants that we have. The Mexican restaurants that you can choose from are Fiesta Azteca or El Patron. Both are very similar, but why not try both. A great Chinese food option is Shogun. Shogun is a Hibachi Steakhouse that specializes in delicious steak, seafood, and several different kinds of Sushi Rolls.

So as you can see Uniontown has a great variety of restaurants to choose from. There are a ton of restaurants not mentioned in this article. Just look up “Places to eat in Uniontown Pa” and try something new.

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