Poetry Runner Up: Bus Driver

By Nate Edenfield

The door opens on that first August day
Those eyes look upon you; a smile to stay
You sit down two seats back, maybe three
Surrounded by faces unfamiliar to thee

Fear starts to grow; uneasiness begins
You want to go, go where you have been
But before you can move, those eyes you see
Beaming in the mirror, safe as could be

The year moves along, and you say goodbye
Never forgetting those wondrous eyes

The seasons change, and school begins again
You watch it come swiftly around the bend
Step aboard, a soft smile to greet
Subtle in nature, yet tender and sweet

No good morn need said today or ever
No goodbyes heading to the next  endeavor
Meaning is lost when you try to repeat
The understood agreement out on the street

Trusted every day with your life complete
Asking in return, “Please… just sit in your seat”



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