Pop Smoke Shot and Dead

Rapper Pop Smoke, real name  Bashar Barakah Jackson, was found dead in a Hollywood Hills home on the 19th. Pop Smoke had just released his new album (Meet the Woo 2) which peaked at number 7 on the charts just hours before he was killed. He was only 20 years old and was only at the beginning of his career and had lots of potential left, it is tragedy that will be felt by the whole rap community and many have already given their condolences to his family.

Earlier on the 19th Pop Smoke posted a photo on his Instagram story of gift bags that were sent to him for his album hitting number 7, but the tag that he posted also had the address of the house he was at. Police suspect this is how the four men who broke into the house and shot Pop Smoke knew where to go. Also he posted a picture outside of the house where the address was partially visible. About ten minutes after the people dead-bolted the house shut the four men showed up.

The suspects were seen fleeing on foot by the security cameras and one man was put in handcuffs, but he was not a part of the robbery and homicide so they let him free. They still have no information on the suspects but are still looking. There is also still no motive known but law enforcement hopes to get new leads soon and not give up until there is justice.


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