Post Kennywood Physics Trip

Yesterday, the Physics 1, Physics 2, and AP Physics took a trip to Kennywood to analyze the physics of the rides on Kennywood’s Education Day.  Mr. Rabatin provided each group of students with a paper of assigned rides and we had to complete the questions assigned to us. We spent the day going on each coaster and recording data that related to the rides assigned to us. Going on the rides and then answering questions relating to them is a fun way to get students out into the field that they could be working in someday.

I had an amazing time and believe that this was a really fun and exciting way to get students into what they are learning about. It was a nice reward and you learn a lot about physics and about the rides that you have been going on for years prior to knowing the true mechanics to them. It was another successful year participating in this program and hopefully Rabatin continues to treat his students to this experience for many years to come!

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