Preparing for Prom

We all know that prom’s coming fast, and most of us have no idea what to do. This is a good checklist for helping you figure out what you need and helping you understand what might be good for you to do.

  1. Find a nice outfit to wear.
    Now, as we all know, not every single girl or boy likes to wear something that can cut off the circulation to your arms or legs, but you still have to dress to show that you care what you look like there.
    A good place to shop for a dress or an emergency suit is Goodwill. Now, you may be thinking; ‘Ew, but all of those are used!’ but believe me, they can look better and be even more affordable than most dresses you can buy at a typical store. You’re already amazing, you don’t need to spend a hundred bucks to make yourself look like a princess.
  2. Find a companion.
    You do not need a date! Prom is to have a good time, not to fall in love. However, even though the prom is simply a formal party, no party is fun to be at alone. Make sure you can at least tag along with someone for company reasons.
  3. Be ready for uncertainty.
    A lot of Prom is knowing that you don’t know anything about what will happen. It’s impossible to know exactly what will happen, but it’s good to be prepared. Keep a few napkins in a bag with you in case you spill food or drinks. Have a pencil or a pen if you have to write something down. Maybe even keep a granola bar, because food doesn’t come out until later.
  4. Have a good time.
    Spending all that money and not having a good time isn’t worth the time. Make sure that you try and have a few laughs, tell a joke, crack a smile. It will make it all worth while.

Keep all of that in mind, and you should be fine. Now go and enjoy your prom!

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