Raider Football joins Albert Gallatin in leaving the WPIAL

The Red Raider football team has decided to leave the WPIAL. There are many reasons to make this move such as; our record of losing and keeping more games local for family’s to attend, creating an exciting environment for athletes, etc. The Albert Gallatin Colonials, a neighboring school district, have been successful after leaving the WPIAL two years ago. Here is what a few of their athletes have to say. 

Senior Antonio Efford says “I think leaving the WPIAL was probably the best decision for our team at the time being because for many years we would get one win or be lucky to get two. Sometimes we were winless and play against teams we had no chance against. Going independent we played teams that we actually had chance against. We had fun and we got the first winning seasons for Albert Gallatin ever and it’s fun for parents to have interesting games to watch.”

Junior Gatian Bircher says “It changed the game for us. Actually being able to compete against teams has brought more people out and has brought a whole different attitude out on the field.”

We also asked a few Uniontown players about the upcoming change to their season.

Sophomore Chris Baranowski says “I think leaving the WPIAL is a much needed move to better our team.” 

Junior Tannor Hawk says “I don’t think it’s very beneficial for those trying to make it to the next level but I do think think as a team we need to feel like what it feels like to have success.”

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