“Real Life Experiences from the Vietnam Conflict”

Tomahawk Talk’s Dawson Plume got to sit down and interview Charles “Buck” Jackson. Mr. Jackson is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Buck Jackson is a native of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. He lived on a farm with his family, before the PA State Park took it over.

Charles was 19 years old when he was drafted by the U.S. Army. He said boot camp was scary because he didn’t know anybody. He qualified with a M-16 rifle in boot camp. When he heard the news that he was being shipped out to Vietnam, ” You have a feeling that you won’t be coming back “, Charles said. When his plane landed on a base in Vietnam, and when he got there, he said it smelled of death.

For the first couple weeks Charles walked point when his company went into the jungle. “It felt like every step you took was going to be your last”, he said. He talked about walking point to his lieutenant and he told him he could operate a M-60 machine gun, because one of the guys was shipped home. He was awarded the Bronze Star for laying down a base of fire when they made contact with the Viet Cong. He was stationed in Vietnam for 11 months, before being flown back to the states. After coming out of the service Mr. Jackson was a contractor. He also said that he’s glad that the men and women  coming home today fighting for our country are treated better than what he went through when he came back to America.

Here’s the interview below:

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  1. Nice to see and hear a locals story of Vietnam. I was there in 1968 on the Mekong River with the US Navy. I joined the Navy to keep away from Vietnam but to do my service for my country in another way. But it didn’t work, while stationed in at the Boston Naval Shipyard I received top secret orders at the last month I was there and was told I would be going to Vietnam by fellow shipmates. I served on the USS Colleton APB 36 that was part of the Mobile Riverine Assault Force, Flotilla One out of an Army base called Dong Tam. We were a floating base for part of the Army’s 9th Infantry Division. I got there just in time for the Tet Offence in January of 68. We were what was called the Brown Water Navy and we moved all over the Mekong Delta where ever the Army was needed.

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