Remote Snow Days

In the event that in-person classes would need to be canceled due to inclement weather, UASD will utilize up to 5 Flexible Instruction Days (FID) during the 2020-2021 school year. These days are granted by the PA Department of Education to be used as needed by the District. When the District enacts an FID, all students will remain at home and participate in their class sessions via their iPad, Canvas platform, and Teams meetings.

Procedures for Students:

-Announcement of a FID will be communicated as previous cancelations have been.

-Live sessions with teachers will be followed at their regularly scheduled class times.

-Students’ attendance will be monitored by their activity in Canvas.

-Students are not required to attend live sessions, but they are required to log into Canvas and complete the assigned work for the day. The regular classroom make-up work policy will apply.

-Lunches will not be served

-CTI students will also work virtually through their CTI Canvas platform.

2 Hour Delay Information:

-2 hour delays will be handled the same as in the past. Remote students should be provided with a 2-hour delay schedule to follow.

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