Review of “The Ghostly Mansion”

The Ghostly mansion is a new Haunted attraction in Uniontown Pennsylvania. The Ghostly mansion was an entertaining attraction but it lacked a lot of things. You can tell that some actors in the attraction put in much more effort than others. Some actors gave a lively performance some cracked jokes and some really tried to scare you. None really do the job of scaring you. There really isn’t one thing in the haunted house that really scares you.

They also try really hard to tell a story that makes almost no sense. They tell you that a couple had a wedding at the Jewish center and the groom told a guy to close the door and it was never opened again. Yet they are clearly getting married right now and the doors are opened. They give you a gift to give to the couple at the beginning. Every time somebody asks if you have a gift you say yes and they always respond mad that you don’t have a gift. It’s basically just walking through a house and seeing what people are doing at the wedding and them yelling at you for not having a gift, even though you obviously have a gift. The end is so anti-climactic because you finally give the groom his gift and he says its not the one he wanted. Then he tells you to leave and that’s the end.

The ghostly mansion is a good first attempt at a haunted house but for $20 per person it is not worth it. If they do it again next year I would recommend to work more on the horror aspect and make sure the story has no holes in it. Even though I didn’t really get scared it was still OK. That is my opinion on the ghostly mansion.

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