Rich’s Fright Farm

The fall season is a great time to do activities in your area that have a fall theme. If you are into getting a good fright there are many options locally. In my opinion you should go to the Rich’s Fright Farm. Rich’s is located just of 51 in smith field. But be warned this is an adult haunted themed event.

The Rich’s fright farm has a haunted hay ride. The hayride is a twisted path through the countryside that is filled with blood curling scenes. Next your off to the slaughter grounds and be prepared for the scare of your life as you are separated from the friends with you. The only way out is through the grounds and be prepared for a heart pumping scare. All for just a good scare.

Finally if that didn’t scare you enough it’s on to the terror maze. This winding path brings you closer to saftey if you can get away from the hungry beast. The farm also offers bound fires to warm you and food items if you’re hungry. Ticket prices are 25 to 30 dollars and they are open Thursday through sunday. Have a happy halloween hahaha.

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