Road Conditions

With the weather changing in to winter roads can become very slick and icy. Although they salt and clean off the snow, that doesn’t mean all the ice went away. On Saturday, November 10th a women traveling route 40 ended up hitting an icy spot and crossing the middle lane and hit a car head on, sadly, she was pronounced dead at the scene while the other two passengers in the other car were severely injured and taken to Uniontown Hospital.

Sometimes when you’re driving you don’t always think of weather  conditions, or too keep you’re eyes on the road. Some people just automatically think that they salted the roads and they are clear when it can be black ice and very hard to see.  It’s a good idea to make sure that you have good winter tires on your car, are completely clear of snow on your car, and are always  watching the road. You never know if  a car will spin out of control or even if your car will always be prepared for anything while driving.

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