Road Safety for Runners

Run Facing Traffic
This allows you to see what is coming in front of you and gives the car time to react and give you space.

Obey Traffic Signs
Make sure you cross at cross walks and look both ways before crossing the street.

Wear the correct gear
When you’re running at night make sure you have on a light or some kind of reflective gear. Wear shoes made for running that won’t hurt your feet.

Make sure somebody knows where you are
If you plan on running by yourself make sure somebody knows where you’re going. Taking somebody else with you would be the best option, although a phone would be good to have also.

Don’t wear earbuds
You need to keep your ears open so you can be aware of your surroundings. You should be able to hear cars, horns, or even other people around you.

Ignore any crude comments
If you’re on a run and hear somebody call for you, just keep running. Don’t say anything back to them.

Run in familiar places
Don’t run in unfamiliar places by yourself. Trust your intuition about the places you go. If you have a bad feeling, avoid that place.

Wherever you’re running, make sure you follow these safety tips to avoid any situations you wouldn’t want to be involved in.

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