Robert Rider Eagle Scout

I’ve interviewed Robert Rider a member of the Eagle Scout program. Robert Rider has been a boy scout since 1st grade. He has been on the track team for 4 years, he was the captain of the throwers on the track team. Robert said that he “Learned about track from a friend his freshman year and that’s when I decided to join track”. For his Eagle Scout project, Robert decided to build a shot put sector for the track and field team to use.  Robert said, “I asked to Mr. Manges, who brought it up to the school board about a shot put sector.” The project was approved by the school board.

“I donated the shot put sector, because I wanted to give back to the school for all the things it’s done for me over the years. I then started making calls for donations. The concrete pad was donated by UHS. The excavation and land fabric was donated by Lee’s Pluming and Excavating. A family friend donated the money for the wood. We got the wood from Lowe’s and they gave us a discount. The gravel was donated by Stone & Company. The city of Uniontown street department donated a bulldozer to help move gravel from the parking lot to the constitution site. Track teammates, boy scouts, friends,  alumni, and coach Kaufman helped build it. We used shovels and wheel barrels to move the gravel. We used PVC pipe and a bicycle inner tube for the shot put return system. Over all it was a good experience and it helped build character with others”.

Thank you Robert for your hard work and for giving back to our athletic program.


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