Robotics Club

Here at Uniontown Area High school, we have plenty of different clubs to suit people’s interests. From academic based clubs to sports clubs we have basically it all. One club however that has recently been added and is probably the most interesting one is Robotics club.

The Robotics club competes in First Inspires and this is their sophomore season of competing. In their first year of competing the team took home the “Judge’s Award’. The team has expanded however from the original five members of Alex Eitner, David Stephenson, Noah Trimmer, Luke Smearcheck, and Andrew Schoener to eleven current members.

With a club that goes to the extent that the Robotics Club does of not only building robots but bringing together a team to expand their knowledge of engineering and team work. As you can imagine extra funding is needed to help the team get all the appropriate and correct pieces so the team will be conducting a fundraiser selling Ye Olde College Diner Stickies. If you’re interested in helping support the team or would like to know more about the club please contact Mrs. Wallace.


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