Roller Coaster Out Of Reality

Six Flags, a well known theme park in North America, has recently opened up a new ride in seven of their theme parks around the country. The new coaster in question is one of a unique kind, an artificial reality roller coaster, called the The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster. You can feel the wind whipping in between each strand of hair, the motion of the coaster, each twist, turn, and loop on the track, but you will be seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. How do they do that? What makes it happen?

In partnership with Samsung and Oculus, two of the leading brands of technology, they have created a breathtakingly almost realistic virtual reality that is projected onto the screens of a virtual reality headset. The headset covers the eyes and ears to immerse the rider as they’re propelled through the winding track of the roller coaster, to make it seem as though they’re the co-pilot in a military jet with a mission to save a city from an alien invasion. You can ride through, fight aliens, shoot down a mother-ship, and soar through the air all before you return to your day at the theme park.

The headset being used is of very new, recent technology, that harnesses the brain’s visual perception and how the eyes see the world around them. Inside the headset is a computer with a screen that shows a video of a stunningly made 3D environment that detects whenever you turn your head to look around.

Not that many people have been able to ride such an unusual roller coaster, but the numbers are steadily growing each and every day that the park is open. There is no extra price put on it, as it is free with the price of admission to the park. It’s not supposed to make you feel ill, but some have reported feeling such a sensation where they are concerned about throwing up. All and all, most believe that it was worth the travel to ride.

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