Rudolph Eludes Suspension

During a wild brawl at the end of Thursday night’s Steelers v. Browns game in Cleveland, Browns edge-rusher Myles Garrett hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s unprotected head with Rudolph’s helmet. NFL players past and present were stunned by the dangerous move, which could have caused serious damage to Rudolph.

It all started when Garrett sacked Rudolph and held on to him for longer than he should have. Rudolph got upset with this, and an alternate camera angle shows the Steelers quarterback attempting to rip off Garrett’s helmet. Garrett retaliated by successfully ripping off Rudolph’s helmet. Garrett then proceeded to swing Rudolph’s helmet at the Steelers quarterback, striking him in the back of the head. After this, some Steelers players brought Garrett to the ground and center Maurice Pouncey can be seen kicking at Garrett.

There are more players involved in the incident though. Steelers offensive linemen Matt Feiler and David DeCastro were partially involved in the incident. Browns defensive end Chris Smith was seen near the end.

While Garrett’s actions were clearly more severe, leading to an indefinite suspension by the league, many felt Rudolph was not without blame and that he got off the hook too easily. Rudolph had escalated the situation on the ground as cameras caught him attempting to rip off Garrett’s helmet before anything else took place. Rudolph then extended the skirmish by chasing Garrett after his helmet was ripped off. To this day he still has no punishment.

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