Running Neccesities

When you are a runner there are only a few essential items you need. While other sports may need specific gear or safety equipment, runners only need a few things to get by.

Running watches do so much more than just keep the time. They’re programmed with heart monitors that can tell you when you need to take a break, as well as trackers to keep your pace, time, and your mileage. When your choosing a watch, Garmin is always a safe bet. Garmin is a reliable brand that is very durable and dependable with water proof options. Other watch brands can amount up to over $1,000, so Garmin is also more affordable.

Water Bottles
It doesn’t matter whether your water bottle is glass, plastic, or metal. As long as you take care of it and wash it every day it’ll last a long time and keep you hydrayed. Some people forget to wash it because “it’s just water”, but bacteria can still grow inside if you aren’t careful.

Running shoes are the most important accessorie to a runner. Not having the right running shoes could result in injuries and future problems. I recommend going to a store that specialises in running shoes instead of your everyday shoe store. The employees are also trained to look at how you run and reccommend the best fit for you. Never choose your running shoes based on the design or color. It’s always good to have two shoes on hand so you can switch them out.

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