Preparing for the SAT or PSAT

The SAT stands for Scholastic Achievement Test. The SAT is a test that everyone are encouraged to take. The SAT scores are what colleges look at when you are applying. The colleges also look at your grade point average, however they want to except the students that have a high score. The SAT are a timed test, it takes about 3 hours to do the reading, writing and language, math. There is also an essay that is optional that you can do. They timed the essay to be about  50 minutes. The SAT you want to take serious and answer all the questions in the section and if you don’t know the answer either make your best guess or go back to it if you have time to. You want to work fast so you would mostly go throw all the questions answer the one’s you know how to do first then go back to the other one’s.

The SAT has a practice test so you’re  not paying  money and end up with a low score. The practice test is call the PSAT.  Some schools offer it to students as a choice if they want to take it then, others like Uniontown they make all the juniors take it. The PSAT is given just like how the SAT are presented they have the same sections with similar questions that is going to be on the SAT. The PSAT will also be timed so you know how long and how fast those few minutes go. It sounds like a lot a first but when you actually do it it goes faster than you thought it would.

When your preparing to  take the SAT there are things online that can help you study.  There are many links that can help you. Most of the thing online are old SAT’s that they no longer use. When you’re studying you want to make sure you cover all the topics that’s going to be on the test. Look over multiple things from different reliable websites that have different questions on it. Also when you are preparing the night before the test you want to get a goodnight sleep and eat a good breakfast in the morning before you go and take the test.

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