SAT/ACT Mental Preparation Tips

With the SAT and ACT test dates come up and going on, many of you are probably stressed out. Who wouldn’t be? Yes, they do play a part in your future but that is no reason to get freaked out over them! If you takes these steps and follow them, you are sure to test smoothly and with less stress…

1. Get a good nights sleep

I know watching one more episode of your Netflix binge show can sound tempting but a solid nights rest is very much needed. The tests are early in the morning and going into a test tired never ends well.

2. Eat a good breakfast

Nothing is worse than going into a test on an empty stomach is not a good idea. If you get to bed early and then wake up just a bit earlier and make yourself a breakfast, you will feel ten times better.

3. Study, Study, Study

Its not fun studying, I get it. But don’t go into this test completely blind. As silly as it sounds, studying for even ten minutes can improve test scores. So just do your best to put aside a little portion of your day to study.

4. Take your time on the test

Don’t try to rush to finish. Take your time and read the questions carefully. If you keep a nice pace and stay calm, you wont worry about finishing it as much.


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